S4 E6 ∙

After a love triangle led to their friendship unravelling, 20-year-old Sylvilla Humphrey shot 25-year-old Ercell Minix in the neck at the beauty salon where she worked.


Contains Mature Themes

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S4 E1

In May 1992, Bruce Kellogg was shot four times while sleeping.

S4 E2

Tyra Whitney brutally murdered her daughter's boyfriend LeMarcus Bell with a hammer.

S4 E3

A cheating socialite's husband turns up dead.

S4 E4

Kimberly Parker is convicted of masterminding her husband's kidnapping and murder.

S4 E5

A convoluted murder-for-hire plot involving three junkies and a callous hitman.

S4 E6

Sylvilla Humphrey shot former friend Ercell Minix in the neck.

S4 E7

Ivan Martinez was accused of stabbing his older lover

S4 E8

The story of a gruesome double murder committed by Charles Dean Hood .

S4 E9

Britney Gulley and Jeremisha Adams were responsible for violent robberies.

S4 E10

Electrician Larry Swearingen was found guilty of the murder of a college student.