S3 E3 ∙

Tyonne Palmer thought she'd found love with Pastor Tracy Burleson, even though he was still married. However, when his wife was murdered she found herself under suspicion.


Contains Mature Themes and Violence

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S3 E1

Candice DeLong interviews Melissa Vanover, who was implicated in her boyfriend's murder.

S3 E2

Shirley Jo Phillips became prime suspect when her former friend was found dismembered.

S3 E3

A woman is charged with the death of her boyfriend's wife.

S3 E4

The fatal stabbing of mother-of-two Susan Bailey.

S3 E5

The case of Debbie Fleming, who shot 16-year-old Jared Mazzagate dead.

S3 E6

A custody battle that led to a fatal shooting.