S3 E3 ∙ Heroes ∙

Christian treats ex-soldier Mark, who's recovering physically and emotionally from a leg amputation, and 999 call handler Nicole, who suffers from back pain.

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S3 E1 · Body Image

Dr Christian begins the series by targeting conditions related to negative body image.

S3 E2 · Chronic

The specialists are on hand to treat Nikki, who suffers from chronic obesity.

S3 E3 · Heroes

Christian Jessen treats an ex-soldier and a 999 call handler.

S3 E4 · Sexual Health

The team helps Sarah, who has lost her sex drive and is worried her husband may leave her.

S3 E5 · Judged

The doctors treat people who feel they are judged because of their conditions.

S3 E6 · Pregnancy

Jodie discusses her endometriosis, which she worries is preventing her becoming pregnant.