S25 E3 ∙ Cumbria ∙

Inspirational home makeovers. Rob and Michelle had to halt renovation work on their house when their son Noah was born with spina bifida. Can the team finish the job?

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S25 E1 · Sunderland

Nick Knowles and the team help a woman extend her house following a brain infection.

S25 E2 · Bury

The team make changes to the home of a child with a rare brain disease.

S25 E3 · Cumbria

The team help a couple caring for a son with spina bifida complete their house renovation.

S25 E4 · Hereford

A couple adapt their home to meet the needs of their son with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

S25 E5 · Warrington

Nick Knowles and the team head to Warrington to help a partially paralysed electrician.

S25 E6 · Orpington

The team help adapt a home for a hospital worker injured in a motorcycle accident.

S25 E7 · Basildon

The team help adapt a home for Brandon, who has an extreme form of epilepsy.