S1 E9 ∙

More drama from the world of Charles Dickens. Bucket follows a maze of leads regarding Marley's wallet. Honoria learns she is pregnant. Compeyson offers Arthur a deal.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

The body of wealthy brewer Mr Havisham is driven to his final resting place.

S1 E2

Word is out about Jacob Marley's murder. Bucket puts Fagin in a difficult position.

S1 E3

The day of Marley's funeral has arrived. Bucket questions Nancy, who reveals a lead.

S1 E4

Martha Cratchit's wedding plans are thrown into turmoil.

S1 E5

Compeyson is riled by the arrival of Matthew Pocket and quizzes Arthur over his cousin.

S1 E6

Compeyson realises that Matthew is in love with Miss Havisham.

S1 E7

Bucket follows a lead to a warehouse owned by Marley.

S1 E8

Honoria is forced to break off her relationship with Hawdon.

S1 E9

Bucket follows a maze of leads regarding Marley's wallet. Compeyson offers Arthur a deal.

S1 E10

Nancy persuades Bill to break Dodger out of prison.

S1 E11

Honoria goes into labour. Bucket and Venus debate the murder cases.

S1 E12

Bucket is determined to have one last shot at solving Jacob Marley's murder.

S1 E13

Arthur goes to see Fagin. Dodger comes across the boy thrown out by the Bumbles.