S3 E7 ∙ Still Waters ∙

Another mystery awaits the rather handsome Warwickshire police surgeon. The body of a young woman found in a local reservoir presents a challenge to Dangerfield.


Contains Mature Themes

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S3 E2 · Tricks

A routine examination of a suicide leads Dangerfield to a dangerous conclusion.

S3 E4 · Scars

Paul encounters a tangled web of deceit when a problem arises with a PC who is a loner.

S3 E5 · Trial

Paul finds it hard to be impartial when he has to give evidence at a murder trial.

S3 E6 · Eden

Paul worries for his daughter's safety when she moves into a new rural home.

S3 E7 · Still Waters

The discovery of a woman's body in a reservoir sparks off a full-scale murder enquiry.

S3 E8 · Games

Dangerfield is disturbed when patients begin to report home visits by a fake doctor.