S2 E7 ∙

After forty years, detectives attempt to find the killer of 6-year-old Alicia O'Reilly, who was found raped and murdered in her own bed, with her 8-year-old sister asleep in the same room.


Contains Mature Themes, Sexual Themes and Violence

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S2 E1

88-year-old farmer and WWII veteran Ronald 'Russell' Allison died in a suspicious house fire.

S2 E2

In June 2012, Jordan Voudouris was fatally shot outside the back of his pizza restaurant.

S2 E3

Our team of detectives track the last known movements of missing sheep-shearer Bevan Wright.

S2 E4

Joanne 'Joe' Chatfield was last seen leaving the Auckland University Student Union.

S2 E5

Timothy Pridding left his dog and car with a friend, and vanished without a trace.

S2 E6

A brutal assault and deliberately lit fire killed 58-year-old grandmother Roma Joseph.

S2 E7

6-year-old Alicia O'Reilly was raped and murdered in her own bed.

S2 E8

Richard Hinkley was last heard from on Christmas morning, 2015.