S7 E4 ∙ Will You Still Love Me? ∙

A hit-and-run victim is admitted to casualty but finds that the hospital is not the safe house she had expected, and Charlie receives an unusual proposal from Duffy.


Contains Mature Themes

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S7 E2 · Cry Wolf

Josh becomes implicated in a motorcycle accident and has a clash of attitude with an off-duty GP.

S7 E3 · Body Politic

Sandra becomes a confidante to a frustrated Julian, and the casualty staff turn detective after an attack.

S7 E5 · Cherish

A pregnant woman is reluctant to come into casualty, and Julian and Sandra realise that they make a good team.

S7 E6 · Profit and Loss

There are some surprise performers at the casualty's karaoke night, and a businessman's firm burns down.

S7 E8 · Body and Soul

Dramatic action by saboteurs causes chaos at a local hunt, and Julian and Sandra reach an understanding.

S7 E10 · Money Talks

A teenager gatecrashes her brother's rave with tragic consequences, and a rigger misses his retirement party.

S7 E11 · Making Waves

Rob spends the day on a river and ends up in casualty as a patient, and Charlie tries to help a heroin addict.

S7 E13 · Act of Faith

Julian takes Sandra's daughter to the circus and becomes ringmaster when the performance has a dramatic end.

S7 E15 · Silent Night

Festive cheer reaches Holby, but not a wife who is about to take the law into her own hands.

S7 E19 · Getting Involved

Two old women face harsh truths, and new consultant Mike Barratt brings a breath of fresh air to casualty.

S7 E21 · Family Matters

An attack on a drunk leads to a murder charge, and a family is divided by the case of a young girl.

S7 E24 · Boiling Point

It's Rob's last day and he has a surprise patient, but it looks like the end of the road for Holby...