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Duffy finds single motherhood a struggle, Megan is attacked by the wife of a road accident victim, and drug addicts turn on an ambulance crew.


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E5 · Hiding Place

Julian Chapman's attitude towards a drug addict leads to confrontation with a new casualty officer.

S5 E6 · Salvation

Duffy is charmed by a patient, and a father's religious beliefs conflict with his daughter's needs.

S5 E8 · Love's A Pain

Ash deals with repeated suicide attempts, Megan helps reunite a family, and Julian tackles an emergency op.

S5 E9 · A Will To Die

A remand prisoner is the victim of a sexual assault, and the staff deal with the aftermath of a gas explosion.

S5 E11 · Remembrance

Jimmy finds himself in trouble over his girlfriend, and Julian attempts to save an elderly woman's life.

S5 E12 · All's Fair

Julian joins friends for a fun day of war games and his off-duty dress causes some surprises.