S1 E6 ∙

Freddie Flintoff fires off once more with four awesome inflatable games and 24 very soggy contestants sliding faster, flying further, and hitting the water harder than ever before!

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S1 E1

Contestants take on a series of challenging water-based inflatable games and obstacles.

S1 E2

24 waterlogged contestants compete for the chance to win the Cannonball Cup.

S1 E3

Expect utter mayhem as 24 waterlogged men and women take on four massive challenges.

S1 E4

Another 24 contestants throw caution - and sometimes their swimsuits - to the wind.

S1 E5

24 more unashamed adrenaline junkies get kicks from some huge water-based challenges.

S1 E6

Freddie Flintoff presents four awesome inflatable games for 24 very soggy contestants.

S1 E7

24 more waterlogged contestants get ready for a full-on faceplant in the Med.

S1 E8

Expect utter mayhem as 24 moist men and waterlogged women take on four massive challenges.

S1 E9

Get ready for a festive special of the fast-paced water-based gameshow, but who will win the Cannonball Cup?

S1 E10

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff presents highlights from the action-packed show.