S3 E7 ∙

Two 16-year-olds are suspected of smuggling drugs for a cartel. A man tries to enter the US with false documents. Marijuana worth $7million is found inside rolls of carpet.

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S3 E1

Officers intercept an arsenal of weapons being smuggled into Mexico.

S3 E2

Three men in identical clothing cause suspicion, and a man is caught smuggling reptiles.

S3 E3

Drugs are found hidden in carrots, and a pill smuggler is caught following a tip-off.

S3 E4

A traveller is caught smuggling cash, and officers find drugs in a flat-bed truck.

S3 E5

Officers discover packages lined with drugs. A woman is caught smuggling marijuana.

S3 E6

Aromatic candles filled with Fentanyl are intercepted at the World Trade Bridge.

S3 E7

Two 16-year olds are suspected of smuggling drugs. Marijuana worth $7million is found.

S3 E8

Packages of meth are found in a trailer, and two brothers are caught smuggling pills.

S3 E9

In Laredo, 500kg of marijuana is found hidden inside a consignment of household goods.

S3 E10

Meth is found inside some speakers and a Mexican boy claiming US citizenship is questioned.