S1 E1 ∙

Local entrepreneur Ripley Holden's lavish opening for his new state of the art amusement arcade in Blackpool is overshadowed by a dead body found on the premises.


Contains Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S1 E1

The opening of a new amusment arcade is marred by a grim discovery.

S1 E2

The murder investigation is a nightmare for Ripley Holden.

S1 E3

Evidence links Ripley to the murder, and he's denied permission to build a hotel.

S1 E4

Carlisle doesn't believe Danny's confession, and thinks he's covering for his father.

S1 E5

Natalie provides Ripley with a watertight alibi, but his business is disintegrating.

S1 E6

Will Ripley do right by his family as the final strands of his life unravel?