S6 E3 ∙

Dave finds two rare Fiats and a VW Corrado. Derek has his work cut out trying to remove an old Morris that appears to be supporting the garage roof. What could possibly go wrong?

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S6 E1

Derek casts his eye over a Citroen 2CV before admiring a treasure trove of motorbikes.

S6 E2

Derek heads off to collect some vintage motorcycles in the North-East of England.

S6 E3

Dave finds two rare Fiats and a VW Corrado.

S6 E4

Derek navigates the Peak District to collect a very original 1988 Opel Manta.

S6 E5

Derek has a long drive in a 1960s bus that arrived in the UK after a life in the sun.

S6 E6

Dave's on his way to Grimsby to pick up an iconic 80s fast Ford, the Mk1 Fiesta XR2.

S6 E7

Derek gets a tour of Hadlow Castle in Kent when he collects the owner's pre-war Alvis.

S6 E8

Derek is picking up two expertly crafted Batmobile replicas in the home counties.

S6 E9

Paul is picking up a stunning 1961 Vauxhall Cresta.

S6 E10

Derek inspects a brace of old cop cars, including a Rover P6.

S6 E11

Derek picks up a 1965 Ford Anglia with just 33,000 miles on the clock.

S6 E12

Paul heads to County Durham to pick up a 1936 Singer Le Mans sports car.

S6 E13

Derek is reunited with the vehicle he took his driving test in - a 1957 Ford 100E Estate.

S6 E14

Derek's search for the unusual lands him a 1947 Lea Francis that's half-made of wood.

S6 E15

Dave and Jack head to East Yorkshire to pick up a dusty Alfa Romeo and a 1930s Jowett.