S2 E11 ∙ Grand Final (Part 1) ∙

Only the fittest and the fastest Ninja Warriors will survive as they take to the Grand Final course and race against the clock.

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S2 E1 · Heat 1

The second series of the show begins with 300 Ninjas taking on the world's toughest obstacle course.

S2 E2 · Heat 2

A mix of newcomers and returning heroes take to the course, including rugby league legend Paul Gallen.

S2 E3 · Heat 3

This episode features some of this series' most favoured returning heroes and a children's music star.

S2 E4 · Heat 4

It's a night of shock exits, sensational runs, and history-making feats in this edition of the competition.

S2 E5 · Heat 5

All eyes are on 'Deadly' Jack Wilson, one of Australia's favourite Ninjas, in this edition of the show.

S2 E6 · Heat 6

The lightest and heaviest Oz Ninjas compete in the last of the heats alongside TV Bachelor Tim Robards.

S2 E7 · Semi-Final 1

Only the very best made it through the heats, but now the competition steps up a gear in the semi-finals...

S2 E8 · Semi-Final 2

More of the best Ninjas from the heats return to tackle the second semi-final, but who will succeed?

S2 E9 · Semi-Final 3

Another batch of Down Under's finest Ninjas from the heats return to take on the third semi-final.

S2 E10 · Semi-Final 4

It's the fourth semi-final, and Australia's favourite tradesman leads the charge to make the Grand Final.