S2 E8 ∙

Conclusion to series two of the drama. Alex has caught a hospital infection, and the doctors in 2008 are losing hope for her. A wedge develops between her and Gene.


Contains Strong Language, Mature Themes and Sexual Themes

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S2 E1

The team must venture into dangerous territory when a fellow officer is murdered in Soho.

S2 E2

Gene stands accused of causing the death of a vehicle thief through reckless driving.

S2 E3

Animal rights activists threaten a series of attacks, and Gene is determined to find them.

S2 E4

A visitor from Gene Hunt's old stomping ground of Manchester has a surprise in store.

S2 E5

Alex investigates when a violent burglary occurs at her future in-laws' house.

S2 E6

Gene and Alex face danger when the identity of a dead body found in a canal is discovered.

S2 E7

What looks like a simple drugs-drop at a building site turns into a murder case.

S2 E8

A wedge develops between Alex and Gene, and it threatens to tear the team apart.