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Drama series following the further exploits of DCI Gene Hunt. Alex thinks she's close to death and has to keep her brain alive by solving a case: a raid at a Post Office.


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Drama series featuring Life on Mars' DCI Gene Hunt. DI Alex Drake wakes up in 1981.

S1 E2

The royal wedding looms, and CID is under pressure to keep the streets quiet.

S1 E3

Alex tries to convince DCI Hunt and CID to investigate a rape allegation by a prostitute.

S1 E4

Alex smells a conspiracy when the body of a nuclear research worker disappears.

S1 E5

Alex and Gene attempt to stop Simon Neary, a gangster Gene has wanted to nail for years.

S1 E6

Gene reflects on whether he is over the hill and Alex fears she's close to death.

S1 E7

Can Alex prevent Gene going off the rails just when she needs to stay in control?

S1 E8

Alex believes that preventing the death of her parents will return her to 1981.