Series Selector for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

All episodes for series 9 of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

S9 E1 · Los Angeles

Bourdain takes an alternative tour of the city, focusing on the Latino communities.

S9 E3 · Laos

In Laos, Bourdain enjoys a boat festival and dines on imperial dishes at the Ban Lao hotel.

S9 E4 · Queens

Bourdain discovers a hub of cuisines and cultures in the New York City borough of Queens.

S9 E5 · Oman

On his first journey to Oman, Bourdain visits the port city Muttrah.

S9 E6 · Trinidad

Bourdain visits Port of Spain, a city of African, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern influence.

S9 E7 · Antarctica

Bourdain's adventures at the bottom of the earth include a visit to a colony of Adele penguins.

S9 E8 · Portugal

Bourdain's trip to Porto includes a pig tripe dinner at A Cozinha do Martinho.