S8 E4 ∙ Rome ∙

With actress Asia Argento and director Abel Ferrara as tour guides, Bourdain visits Friends Corner trattoria in Lido di Ostia and takes a trip to the EUR district built by Mussolini.


Contains Strong Language, Mature Themes and Violence

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S8 E1 · Minas Gerais

Bourdain visits the Brazilian heartland, home to baroque architecture and lush hillsides.

S8 E2 · Nashville

Bourdain enjoys a night of cooking and partying with singer Alison Mosshart.

S8 E3 · Japan

Bourdain's trip to Japan begins with a tour of outdoor food markets.

S8 E4 · Rome

Bourdain visits Friends Corner trattoria in Lido di Ostia.

S8 E5 · Sichuan

Bourdain takes chef Eric Ripert to Sichuan province to sample some mouth-scorching meals.

S8 E6 · Hanoi

Bourdain motorbikes through Hanoi and joins President Obama for a dish of bun cha.

S8 E7 · Houston

Bourdain experiences a Bollywood-style dance in a grocery store.

S8 E8 · London

Anthony samples Scotch eggs at Princess Victoria Pub with Nigella Lawson.