S7 E8 ∙ Buenos Aires ∙

Bourdain enjoys a meal at Don Carlito's, where he indulges in Argentine beef. He also watches an after-hours soccer match and gets psychoanalyzed.


Contains Mature Themes

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S7 E1 · Greece

On the island of Naxos, Bourdain heads offshore to dive to a sunken shipwreck.

S7 E3 · Montana

Bourdain visits Crow reservation to watch horse relay racing and feast on buffalo steak.

S7 E4 · Georgia

Bourdain samples traditional dishes at Cafe Gabriadze and has a meal at the Black Lion.

S7 E5 · Manila

Bourdain wanders the streets of Manila and samples a classic dish of sizzling pork sisig.

S7 E6 · Cologne

The 40-day Cologne Carnival celebration sets the tone for Bourdain's visit.

S7 E7 · Senegal

Bourdain explores Senegal, known for its nightlife, musical influence, fashion and food.