S6 E7 ∙ Istanbul ∙

Bourdain explores a confluence of food, culture and politics, featuring a Turkish breakfast, an oil wrestling tournament, and lunch at an Armenian restaurant near the Golden Horn.


Contains Mature Themes

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S6 E1 · Ethiopia

Bourdain samples injera bread and beyaynetu platters in Addis Adaba.

S6 E2 · Okinawa

Bourdain's tour of Okinawa includes a bloodless bullfight over a bowl of Yakisoba.

S6 E3 · Cuba

Bourdain explores Cuba and samples pig's head soup with plantains and pumpkin.

S6 E4 · Charleston

Bourdain is joined by actor Bill Murray for oyster pie and shrimp and grits.

S6 E5 · Marseille

Bourdain visits Marseille and samples bouillabaisse, pied et paquets and Algerian couscous.

S6 E6 · Borneo

Bourdain takes a boat ride to Kuching for the Gawai Rice festival.

S6 E7 · Istanbul

After a Turkish breakfast, Bourdain lunches at an Armenian restaurant by the Golden Horn.

S6 E8 · Bay Area

Bourdain meets a Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer and has dinner at the original Trader Vic's.