S5 E8 ∙ Beirut ∙

Bourdain visits 'the Paris of the Middle East', where he has a classic Lebanese meal with activist Joumana Haddad, and visits a Syrian community with Nick Paton Walsh.


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E1 · Scotland

Bourdain heads to the Highlands with writer A.A. Gill and samples deep-fried haggis.

S5 E2 · South Korea

Bourdain visits Seoul, where he enjoys Korean fried chicken and 'army stew' budae jjigae.

S5 E3 · Miami

Bourdain visits the B&M market in 'Little Haiti' for cow foot soup.

S5 E4 · Madagascar

Joined by Darren Aronofsky, Bourdain visits legendary chef Mariette Andrianjaka.

S5 E5 · Budapest

Bourdain explores Budapest, and samples goulash, fisherman's soup and blood sausage.

S5 E7 · Hawaii

Bourdain communes with residents of Molokai for a meal at an ancient oceanside fish pond.

S5 E8 · Beirut

Bourdain has a Lebanese meal with activist Joumana Haddad and visits a Syrian community.