S2 E2 ∙

Paramedics Ali and Josh respond to an urgent stabbing and get stuck in the middle of a terrifying street brawl. Plus, a terrible hailstorm tears through the city.


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S2 E1

Officers deal with a high volume of pregnancy-related calls in the summer.

S2 E2

Ali and Josh respond to a stabbing and get stuck in the middle of a street brawl.

S2 E3

Australia's busiest ambulance service are called to a work site explosion.

S2 E4

Responders rush to the scene of a chemical attack at the Consulate General of Argentina.

S2 E5

Responders deal with overzealous New Year's Eve celebrations and a violent mental health case.

S2 E6

Officers respond to reports of a woman assaulted by her partner.

S2 E7

Mosh and Kren tend to a 35-week pregnant woman with severe bleeding.

S2 E8

It's Australia Day and the paramedics are swamped with alcohol-related calls.