S1 E3 ∙

An ambulance bottleneck sends dispatch into overload, and officers are called on site to a car crash, where the vehicle is wrapped around a tree.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Paramedics Josh and Sophie head to a warehouse where a forklift has rolled over.

S1 E2

A rookie paramedic faces a confronting case.

S1 E3

An ambulance bottleneck sends dispatch into overload.

S1 E4

A double stabbing pushes the ambulance services to their limits.

S1 E5

Paramedics assist a 70-year-old who collapsed after a 14-kilometre run.

S1 E6

The ambulance helicopter crew rush to save a cyclist with serious head injuries.

S1 E7

Crews are called to a motorcycle accident in peak hour traffic.

S1 E8

Former call-taker Laura goes out on her first shift as a paramedic.