S1 E5 ∙ The Game of Your Life ∙

Gary plans a romantic date with Maggie so she'll open up to him. Eddie understands the sacrifices Katherine has made and makes a grand gesture to win her back.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1 · Pilot

When faced with shocking news, a group of friends decide to make the most out of life.

S1 E2 · Band of Dads

Delilah is uncomfortable when Sophie asks Eddie to go with her to a father-daughter dance.

S1 E3 · Save the Date

Gary, Rome and Eddie discover that Jon had planned a surprise outing for Gary's birthday.

S1 E12 · The Day Before

In a flashback to the day before Jon's death, Delilah and Eddie plan to tell Jon about the affair.

S1 E14 · Someday

Delilah tracks down a handsome expert to help with last-minute details for the restaurant.

S1 E17 · Goodbye

A member of the group decides to dig even further into the mystery behind Barbara Morgan.