S2 E4 ∙

Paramedic Kim climbs into a crushed car balanced over a fast-flowing river, while services across the Pennines are paralysed when a man plunges from a bridge onto a busy rail line.


Contains Strong Language

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S2 E1

The response team race to the rescue of a worker trapped in a collapsed trench.

S2 E2

A truck driver is trapped in his crushed cab after a motorway smash.

S2 E3

A teenager on her way to seeing two Youtube stars in a live appearance is hit by a tree.

S2 E4

Paramedic Kim climbs into a crushed car precariously balanced over a fast-flowing river.

S2 E5

A teenager is found with multiple stab wounds in the street near his home.

S2 E6

The team treat a lorry driver trapped behind his twisted steering wheel.

S2 E7

An incident ends in a fleeing car passenger jumping over a wall and breaking his leg.

S2 E8

An accident at an illegal off-road biking site leads to a rider needing urgent treatment.

S2 E9

A skier falls over on a steep slope and suffers a suspected brain injury in Wakefield.

S2 E10

A forester is injured in an accident involving a chainsaw deep in woods near Keighley.